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Artist: Leanna Powell

Social Media: @leannap.psd
Title: Have You Had Work Done?

Dimensions: 19" x 13"
Medium: Photography

Description: This photo series intends to speak on the demonization of queer women, and uses classic monster iconography and imagery to showcase how we are often viewed and treated. This iconography also perpetuates the baselessness of the hatred and demonization, a common thread in classic monster films. The three subjects simply exist in an empty space, and are shown through the lens of someone who is demonizing them. My purpose in doing so was to show how little we as queer women need to do on an average day to receive this treatment. I chose neutral to slightly happy expressions to showcase how normalized this is, how we don’t even bother acknowledging this treatment because of the frequency that it occurs and how we continue to proudly exist in spite of it. I also opted to imitate lighting setups from classic horror films to further push the classic monster theme.

Leanna Powell

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