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Artist: Ceci Llompart

Social Media: @labelleviedececi
Title: Glass

Dimensions: 13" x 10"
Medium: Framed Digital Mixed Media

Description: Taking this photograph was an act of self-love as much as it was an attempt to capture a mood and a painful moment in time. I had recently come out of a relationship, but was still living with my ex-partner in the small (300 sq ft) Parisian flat we had shared for the last five years. Having weathered the lockdown together in this space, we each claimed corners of it to ourselves for the sake of preserving our own sanity. He would retreat to the balcony, whereas I sought solace in the bathroom---as I often did as a child surviving a chaotic household. Although I was merely drinking a glass of water while lingering in the drained bathtub, I decided to take this photo in an attempt to start seeing myself as an object of desire again. Having struggled with my libido due to medication that I began taking during the course of this relationship, my self-confidence had been significantly eroded in that domain. As one of my most recent self-portraits, it plays with light and texture in ways I’ve only recently learned to pay attention to… For me, the softness of the droplets of water are in conversation with the hardness of the glass in my hand; Meanwhile, the shard of light embedded in my abdomen points to the source of all light: A window out of which I often gazed at the sky while sitting in this exact position---sometimes for hours at a time.



Ceci Llompart

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